Over the last few months we have been contacted by many of your coworkers who have expressed a strong interest in forming a union of professionals with ESC Local 20.

People have told us they want more transparency in hiring, a clear pathway for promotion, protections when they speak up about health and safety issues, consistent business practices, the ability to refuse overtime without retaliation, compensation for overtime hours for salaried workers, and a right to bargain for wages and benefits.

After learning more about who you are and what you do, we began to organize in-person meetings where we met with Edison Planners and Designers. From these meetings we’ve learned that professionals at Edison want the benefits of having union representation and a contract. We are committed to helping you form a union of professionals, using our 70 years of experience representing utility professionals at PG&E and other professional workers throughout California.

I love this idea and want to vote to join ESC Local 20 now!
That’s great! We want you to become a member! This campaign is moving at lighting speed. If you have not yet done so – please sign an authorization card. Signing a card is 100% confidential – Edison will never know who signs. Cards are used to trigger an election with the NLRB and they are a pledge to vote Union Yes! Get in touch with Jonathan Wright at jwright@nullifpte20.org or 510-384-7088 to learn more about the steps we take to build a strong union.

How can I learn more?
We want to make sure you, and all of your coworkers, have an opportunity to learn about organizing with ESC Local 20. Forming a union is an important decision.

Please email Organizing Coordinator, Jonathan Wright at jwright@nullifpte20.org or 510-384-7088 to have a conversation or set-up a meeting to discuss the organizing efforts in detail and sign-up for updates on the right.

I hate unions and will never support joining one.
Every voice matters and should be heard. Joining a union is a democratic process. Like any strong democracy, we believe people should make an informed decision. We are not sales people. All we ask is that you listen to your coworkers about why they want to join ESC Local 20 and have the facts. We believe a majority of Edison professionals want to form a strong union with us.

Take a look at Planning today, more than 12 months since the election last year. What has improved? What hasn’t? What benefits and pay have been taken from Planning over the years? How much more can you afford to lose? Most Designers and Planners agree, you can’t afford not to join ESC Local 20.

Haven’t we tried this before?
Yes. A year ago, professionals at Edison attempted to join IBEW Local 47, the union representing line staff. That effort was unsuccessful. We have a strong and long-standing working relationship with other IBEW local unions and have no interest in disparaging our union brothers and sisters at Local 47. They have an excellent contract with Edison and are experts at representing line staff. However, from talking to your coworkers we’ve learned that professionals at Edison want to join a union that specializes in representing professional workers. ESC Local 20 and our national union, IFPTE, is the union chartered by the AFL-CIO to organize and represent professionals. IFPTE has been representing professionals for over 100 years.

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